Working on the next Guinness World Record Breaker
Working on the next Guinness World Record Breaker

Art Storm Creative is currently hard at work with Cube Works Studio and other international teams to create the next Guinness World Record Breaker for ‘Largest Rubik’s Cube Mosaic Ever Created!’

We are very excited to be creating the artwork for this monumental attraction using over 80,000 Rubik’s cubes. Believe it or not, the finished piece will tower over 13 feet tall and stretch over 213 feet wide – that’s over 2,700 square feet of solid, hand-twisted Rubik’s Cubes. Designed by hand, the finished mural is scheduled to go on display in China over the next few weeks and will stay there for people to experience for weeks after.

As the master designs are being finalized, the website will be updated with more images and media coverage as the project moves along, as well as showcasing some photos from the mural’s unveiling later this December which Art Storm will be attending. So, check back often for news and images on this record-breaking international project.



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